How Much Does Professional Mouse Removal Cost?

A small mouse removal job, involving the removal of just a couple of mice, will usually only cost you a small fee — perhaps less than a couple of hundred dollars. You’re not just paying for the removal of those couple of mice in this case, though. You’re hiring someone to come and remove the mice on your behalf, legally and humanely, as well as figuring out how the rodent got into the building in the first place. Once that entrance point has been located (or points, if there are more than one), it will be sealed, using materials that cannot easily be chewed by mice and other rodents. Following on from that, a cleanup mission will take place, which includes removing the dead carcasses of any rodents, the nesting material, mouse droppings, and any other contaminated material. Contaminated material can be anything the rodent has come into contact with; there is a chance that disease threats are present on that material long after the mouse itself has passed.

A professional mouse removal job is probably more expensive than what you’d hope to pay, but you’re getting the preventative measures that your property needs to be mouse-proof in the future.

If you have a larger problem on your hands, with many more mice, a lot more damage, and a lot more time needed to put the problem right, the professional job is going to cost you a lot more. Once again, however, you’re getting the complete job — not just the removal of the mouse population, providing you use a reputable and reliable expert and/or company. In severe mouse infestation cases, the cost can run to over five hundred dollars, or maybe even pump the price to above the $1,000 mark. It is unusual for a small, relatively easy mouse removal job to cost that much, though. Prices like that come with infestations that have been undiscovered for some time, with nests that can contain many hundreds or thousands of mice, including baby mice.

How to find the right expert or company for the job

Make sure you do some research before signing on the dotted line or parting with your hard-earned cash.

Check that professionals have the appropriate licenses and insurances. The company website will usually proudly display this kind of information. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to ask the company or expert what credentials they have.

Ask around for quotes. Get quotes from different people or companies. We don’t recommend going for the CHEAPEST mouse removal service you can find, but instead use your quotes as a guide. If there seems to be one company quoting a lot more than others, you can then ask what extras you’ll be getting for your buck.

Ask plenty of questions. Any decent wildlife operator will be more than happy to answer them and can give you a rundown of their plan — how they intend to trap or kill the mice, cleanup after them, and repair any damage caused. If you’re not happy with the answers you get, you can start to look around for another professional instead.