What Happens After a Mouse Is Poisoned?

If you’re using poison to kill the mouse population in your building, you’ve probably already learned that it’s not the best approach in terms of reliability and practicality. It’s not easy to keep tabs on a poisoned mouse, to follow it and then dispose of it once it finally passes away. That’s what gives traditional snap-mouse-traps the edge over poison and other chemical-based approaches — the problem is relatively contained and you don’t need to go hunting for it. Mouse traps don’t move. Mice filled with poison do.

Poison can take many weeks to work, if it even works at all, and the mouse can do a fair bit of traveling during that time. Rodenticide works with bait that smells and looks pleasing to the rodents. They’re encouraged by the smell, and then when they chew it, it tastes sweet and enjoyable to them. they take a bit more, then a bit more, and then they go back and tell their mouse friends of the new food source and how to find it.

What happens when the mouse consumes the poison depends on how much of it is consumed. If a mouse eats just a small amount and then moves on, the poison might not have any effect at all. Alternatively, it might make the mouse a little sick. From that point, if no more poison is consumed, the mouse might get better and continue to live life. If more poison is consumed, however, or a lot of poison was initially consumed, the mouse will die a long and slow, painful death.

It is likely that the mouse will start to feel unwell and will make its way back to the nest. That’s the best option for you, because then you’ll have a higher chance of actually being able to find the carcass. If the mouse doesn’t do this, though, you’re left with a dead mouse somewhere on your property and you won’t have a clue where it is. Until it starts smelling, obviously, and then you’ll be in a rush to find it and put an end to the horrific stench. Many property owners are surprised when they learn that such a small animal, like a mouse, can kick up such a bad stench, like that often found in homes or commercial buildings with a mouse infestation.